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Our team

Victoria Antipina

Victoria graduated from the European Academy of Image at the course "Stylist-Image Maker" in Moscow. She has over 10 years of experience as a stylist. Now Victoria is responsible for the editorial orientation of the site.

Nadezhda Romanova

In the past, Nadezhda graduated from art school. Then I started doing make-up, but over time, the passion for hair transformation took over. Now, Nadezhda is an excellent specialist in hair coloring. Most of all she likes to dye her hair in bright shades.

Victor Zolotarev

Victor graduated from the Kiev National Institute of Culture and Arts, Master of Science. Then he began his studies at the Milan school Aldo Coppola. On our site, Victor is responsible for creating and editing the men's haircut category.

Alma Batyrbekova

Alma was born in the city of Almaty. She studied at the Moscow Art and Industry Institute. Alma loves to create unique images for girls. She is also a hair specialist.

Emily Nurieva

Emily in our team is responsible for the visual part of the site. With her top-notch fashion sense, she visualizes articles in line with the latest fashion and beauty trends.