Every modern woman cares for every part of her body, and nails are no exception. The nail care industry has become so popular that modern technologies couldn’t overlook it.

Choosing nail polish colors and manicure designs can sometimes be quite challenging. This is because we can’t accurately envision how they will look on our nails.

However, there are plenty of interesting apps that can help you try out different nail colors. Use this selection to choose the best app for this purpose.



WANNA NAILS is a nail design application that allows you to truly visualize how a particular nail polish color will look on your nails. The app helps you determine which nail polish color to buy. Simply take a picture of your hand and start applying new nail polish colors. Then you need to adjust the virtual nails to match your own.

In the WANNA NAILS app, there are options for pre-made manicures. You will also get everything you need to create your own design. All nail polish colors, templates, stickers, and nail shapes are available.

Here, you create nail designs at your fingertips. To create patterns and stickers, you can choose a ready-made template. Additionally, the app features a section of instructional manicure videos. They are quite interesting and informative. Here you will learn about the intricacies of manicure creation.

This free app stands out for its beautiful design and diverse functionality. It will help you not to make a mistake in choosing the perfect design. Can’t decide on an unusual step? Try it out here first.

YouCam Nails

YouCam Nails

YouCam Nails app is your virtual manicure salon, where you can pick the perfect nail polish color for yourself. Change the nail shape, add interesting stickers, and patterns. You’ll get a unique manicure design.

Utilize ready-made templates; there’s a vast collection here. You can also create your own manicure design and add it to the templates. This helps you reuse it if you wish.

Can’t decide on a bright design and a new shape? Then try changing the nails in the photo. This approach suits every girl who loves something new and unusual.

To use the YouCam Nails app, you need to take a photo of your hand. You can also use a ready-made template. In this case, you need to adjust the layout to fit your parameters.

Features of the YouCam Nails app:

  • Over 65 colors to create a unique design
  • Over 25 different patterns
  • Over 50 stickers
  • Multiple nail shapes
  • Personalization of nail design image
  • Video tutorials
  • Easy to use
  • Share created designs on social networks
  • Choose from 20 ready-made templates for instant transformation

Instructions for using the nail design:

  • Take a photo of your hand with nails (or use the hand layout in the app)
  • Apply nail polish
  • Edit nail shape, add stickers and patterns
  • Choose a photo background, add photo effects
  • Save the result
  • You can share the image on social networks.

Nail Salon: Manicure Girl Game

Nail Salon Manicure Girl Game

The Nail Salon: Manicure Girl Game app offers you the chance to experiment with your nails. You can paint your nails in any color you like, which is useful before heading to the nail salon. These practice sessions will save you time and help you try everything on yourself.

Using this app is straightforward. First, you need to take a photo of your hand. Open the camera in the Nail Salon: Manicure Girl Game app, then place your hand in the special frame. The app will recognize your hand and your unique features.

This helps to apply manicure better to your nails. Next, you need to choose the skin color, which may be necessary if the Nail Salon: Manicure Girl Game app has recognized it incorrectly. If you want to change the shape, you can do so after taking the photo. Choose any of the five available shapes. Then pick your favorite nail polish.

You can paint all nails at once or each one individually. Now, you can decorate your nails with various patterns and stickers available in the Nail Salon: Manicure Girl Game app. You can even add text or drawings.

The finished photo can be edited and beautifully decorated. Choose your favorite background and photo effects. You can share the finished result with friends by adding your account to the Nail Salon: Manicure Girl Game app from any social network. This app is completely free with a wide range of features.



With the OPI NAIL STUDIO app, you can paint your nails in any available color. Here, you’ll find a variety of patterns and interesting designs.

Use stickers to create a unique design. You can use pre-made templates stored in the app’s gallery. All layers can be applied with a single touch. For instance, you can apply the color and then add patterns. Experiment with style and design. Now, there’s no need to risk trying something you might not like.

You’ll find over 100 nail polish colors and shades here, helping you create a unique design and base for your manicure. Choose from more than 30 sets of different patterns and stickers. Want to apply an image of a flower or animal to your nail? Do it in a couple of taps.

You can also choose one of 5 nail shapes. Save the finished design in templates or favorites for future use. Interesting video tutorials will help you with your manicure. You’ll learn about the best tools and techniques for a neat manicure.

What colors and shades are in fashion now? What stickers and patterns can you use and how to apply them to your nails? You’ll find out about all this and more by watching special video tutorials in the app.

NailMatch: Nail Polish Matching for Any Color

NailMatch: Nail Polish Matching for Any Color

Choosing the right nail color can be challenging for every woman. The NailMatch: Nail Polish Matching for Any Color app allows you to experiment with color selection. You need to photograph your hand or foot and try on manicures of different colors.

Experiment with color combinations based on lighting, skin tone, and style. Computer vision algorithms ensure the naturalness of colors and shades. The NailMatch: Nail Polish Matching for Any Color app neatly applies the selected color to your nails in augmented reality.

Simply place your hand in the app’s “field of view.” Then apply different polishes to your nails. Millions of shades, textures, decorations, combinations, and styles are available. You can unleash your creativity like a true artist. In this case, there’s no need to spend money on polish if you’re unsure about it.

Thanks to AR capabilities, you’ll not only see how the applied polish looks on your nails but also how it reacts to lighting after drying.

The NailMatch: Nail Polish Matching for Any Color app is designed to be simple and intuitive to use. You can also share your unique results with friends on social networks. You can do this by adding your account to any social network or messenger.

Natural Nail Polish

Natural Nail Polish

Modern women love updating their manicures and trying something new. To avoid mistakes with the design, use the Natural Nail Polish app. It helps you preview how the selected nail polish color will look on your nails. Take photos of your hands or feet and try on the trendiest shades of the season.

The Natural Nail Polish app automatically recognizes your hand or foot in the photo. Then, it offers you to choose any nail polish color.

After your selection, it will be applied to your nails. Scroll with a special cursor to easily change the nail polish color on your nails. You can create a smooth transition or add a gradient. Create a unique design that no one else can replicate.

Now, there’s no need to experiment with nails. Didn’t like it and had to redo it? That’s no longer a problem. Use the virtual nail salon to create the manicure of your dreams.

Didn’t like the end result? Now you know that such a design doesn’t suit you. You can also use the assistant built into the Natural Nail Polish app.

This feature allows you to choose nail polish shades that match your skin tone. Your manicure will look beautiful and harmonious. Save time before going to the salon. No more struggling with color choice and spending time with the master. Do it in advance right in the Natural Nail Polish app.



While not yet as popular, this app boasts a much better interface than many others in this category. The reason is that it was recently released, so it’s still evolving in this market. However, you can find the most diverse information about nail polish here and also try different nail colors at your fingertips.

Additionally, you can create your wish lists of nail polishes and add various colors to your favorites. You can also share your opinions on different nail polishes with other users – about any brands you need. Learn from others which brands are the best and which ones you might want to avoid if you don’t want to simply spend your money.

Moreover, the app actually allows you to find any nail color you want. If you want something for Christmas, simply type in “Christmas color” in the search bar, and the app will show you all the colors related to this theme. You can even enter the craziest names – surely something will be found.

Here are just a few brands you can find in the app: OPI, Essie, China Glaze, Zoya, Orly, CND, Alessandro. This is just a small part of the whole list, and you can find them in the app.

Nail Art – Color by Number, Nail Polish Coloring

Nail Art - Color by Number, Nail Polish Coloring

In the Nail Art – Color by Number, Nail Polish Coloring app, state-of-the-art technologies are employed to allow users to virtually try on new nail polish colors. Augmented reality is highly popular, and that’s exactly what powers this program.

The Nail Art – Color by Number, Nail Polish Coloring app reads the image of your hand from your phone’s camera and applies the selected nail polish color to your nails. This enables you to experiment with various designs. To get started, simply position your hand within the special frame provided in the photo.

Moreover, you can explore which shades are trending and which brands are most commonly used by others. Many brands showcase their lacquers within this application.

You can select a color here and now. If you like it, you can then order or purchase that polish from any specialized store. Thanks to the capabilities of this app, you can see how the chosen lacquer will look once it’s dried.

You can turn the final result into a photograph and save it in your mobile device’s gallery. Additionally, you can share this image with your friends via social media platforms or messengers. This free app stands out for its beautiful design and diverse functionality. It enables you to save time effortlessly. Get ready for changes and don’t hesitate to experiment.

Nail Salon: Nail Designs Nail Spa Games for Girls

Nail Salon: Nail Designs Nail Spa Games for Girls

Let’s take a break from the real world and explore some fun nail games – hey, ones where you can also try on different nail colors!

One such game revolving around nail lacquer boasts incredibly aesthetic graphics. Here, you’ll be the master of a beauty salon, providing your clients with the most stunning manicures!

In this game, there are no strict rules, so you can unleash as much creativity as you want. Try different colors, mix nail polishes, draw beautiful lines, shapes, and even images. And who said you have to apply the same color to all fingers? You can paint each new nail with a different hue – who’s to say you can’t?

You can also add some sparkle to your nails to give them a matte finish. After the manicure, you can accessorize your hand with rings and bracelets of all colors and shapes. All accessories look fabulous, and even grown-up girls will enjoy playing this game.

The atmosphere creates a sense of a real beauty salon – you have nail polishes, nail stickers, and so on. Once you’re done, you can even save photos of your masterpiece and share them on social media platforms.