The moon has long been revered and worshipped, with our ancestors recognizing its significant influence on living beings. In today’s era of advanced technology and the elucidation of most phenomena, anyone can delve into the internet.

Everyone can grasp the effects the Earth’s satellite has on humans. With a desire to understand, one can augment their knowledge with specialized smartphone applications and actively integrate lunar insights into daily life.

You can align your plans and intentions with the moon, while a regular calendar aligns with lunar phases. This compilation highlights the finest apps for lunar phases, facilitating this harmonization.

The Moon: Calendar Moon Phases

Horoscopes on iPhones no longer surprise anyone. This information is readily available to everyone today.

All you need to do is input a query into the search field, and you’ll see a list of programs with the corresponding functionality.

But what if you’re looking for something more substantial? For instance, apps with a lunar calendar.

This application provides users with a wealth of information about lunar phases, various parameters of the moon and the sun.

From the visible surface of the Moon to its age, position, and current state.

Upon launching the application, you’re greeted with the main screen. The sheer volume of information may overwhelm unprepared users.

Without even navigating to other screens, you can see not only the current time but also the lunar quarter.

There are also sunrise and sunset times, azimuth, altitude, the percentage phase of the moon, and much more information.

In the background of all these numerical values is the zodiac sign. Currently, it’s the Earth’s only satellite.

In the top right corner, you can find a small icon with information. By tapping on it, you’ll bring up a menu. It allows you to calculate lunar parameters for any date.

приложение для фаз луны


1Weather – one of the best weather apps. It shows you the current temperature, daily weather forecast, ten-day forecast, 12-week forecast, weather radar, and many other useful features. One of its unique features is lunar phases. The app informs you about lunar phases as well as the next two phases and their dates. At the time of writing this article, the app indicates that in the next 11 days, there will be a new moon followed by waxing crescent and quarter. It’s not comprehensive, but it’s a good app to kill two birds with one stone. Plus, it’s entirely free with ads or $1.99 for an ad-free version.

1Weather - приложение для лунных фаз

My Moon Phase – Lunar Calendar & Full Moon Phases

Tightly packed blue, green, yellow, orange texts against a black background.

Here’s how the interface looks in this application. Those who remember the first similar applications will appreciate this design.

It provides a lot of astronomical information.

Besides typical parameters: quarters, signs, sunrise, sunset, there are degrees of elevation and declination.

It contains information about azimuth, sidereal time, Julian day, and other numbers. The degrees block is set up like a counter.

You can see in real-time how many seconds, minutes, and degrees the Moon is. The seconds keep ticking, and it’s mesmerizing.

You’ll find the calendar in a special tab. But this calendar differs from the dates we’re used to seeing in it.

They’re used for calculating the distance and displacement of the Moon’s extreme points to the Earth. Also, thanks to this app, you can find out that on a selected morning, it will be filled.

Delve a little deeper into the matter and spend the night watching the largest moon all year round. In doing so, you can refer to facts in the app, such as the Moon’s zero shift or star time.

For example, the hour angle of the vernal equinox point. It’s used by astronomers to determine the direction of a telescope when needed.

The last menu is the settings screen. Here you can specify your exact location by selecting a locality from the list.

You can also set up multiple locations by specifying the latitude and longitude of the desired city or selecting from the list of listed cities.

The application is quite informative. It’s intended for casual users looking to acquaint themselves with the mysteries of Earth’s only satellite.

It’s also suitable for well-prepared users, capable of extracting not only useful information but also enjoying the data presented in the application.

My Moon Phase – Lunar Calendar & Full Moon Phases

Moon Phase Calendar

In terms of functionality, this application resembles more of a professional tool than entertaining or informative software.

There are numerous informational blocks, and screens are filled with a multitude of values and characteristics.

To utilize the program, you’ll need a minimum of knowledge in this area – this is essential to consider.

All this array of data is logically grouped in the Moon section across several screens, navigable by horizontal swipes.

On a separate tab lies the “Calendar” tool, which computes a full moon event calendar for the month. It also includes apogee and perigee calendars, as well as solar and lunar eclipse calendars.

All calculations performed by this application are tied to geographical coordinates and the local time of your location.

You can set it manually or determine it via geodata, with a database covering over 300 cities worldwide.

Additionally, the app allows calculations to be conducted at any time within the range from 1900 to 2050. Transitions between daylight saving and standard time are accurately accounted for.

The program’s design can hardly be described as minimalist and restrained. There’s a wealth of information crammed into every pixel of the screen.

Developers had to visually separate one data block from another, resulting in colorful and busy menus.

Moon Phase Calendar - приложения лунного календаря

Daff Moon Phase

Daff Moon Phase – one of the finest applications for lunar phases and lunar calendar applications. It displays the current moon phase, as well as a calendar of full moon phases, comprehensive information about lunar and solar eclipses, day length, sunrise and sunset times, etc. The app also features five widgets, customizable push notifications, and information about the eight major planets. The application is completely free, with no ads. In-app purchases are optional donations.

Daff Moon Phase - приложение для лунных фаз

Lunar Phase – Moon Phases Calendar

This application features a lunar day calendar.

Additionally, it provides the position of the Moon in the zodiac signs, along with detailed recommendations for each day.

Moreover, the calendar includes fashion tips for women, a haircut calendar, lunar health advice, and useful tips for businesspeople.

The lunar calendar helps in choosing the right time for visiting a hairstylist or cosmetologist.

You’ll learn when to sign important contracts or engage with authorities. You can also select a day for visiting a health center for fasting or sauna and much more.

After installation, the application doesn’t require internet access, so it also works offline.

The app contains precise times for the start of lunar days and the Moon’s entry into the Zodiac sign, as well as the times of new moon and full moon.

It offers the option to set your exact location via GPS, as well as the ability to manually input coordinates. There’s a haircut and other cosmetic procedure lunar calendar as well.

The system for finding favorable days for various domestic and business events makes the lunar calendar convenient.

Lunar Phase – Moon Phases Calendar

Moon Phase Calendar Zodiac

At the center of the application lies the Moon screen, which can be rotated by a finger to change phases.

Around it, everything else, data, and numbers.

This application provides a lot of information: phase and quarter, sign, and percentage of full moon, sunset-nadir, and that’s just on the main page.

In the menu, there’s more. You can see the zodiac circle and constellations on the screen.

It’s clear that the sign and constellation are not the same. Lunar and solar eclipses are forecasted for several years ahead.

There’s a page with lunar apogees and perigees, precise times of equinoxes and solstices.

There’s also the trajectory of the Moon and the Sun, a gardener’s calendar, the lunar calendar itself, and even a flashlight. And that’s not all.

There’s time for a moon without a course. The main menu has five screens right away, and you can switch between them in a simple stack.

The one after the main screen contains all the necessary information about the Moon’s position relative to the Earth.

It has information on inclinations, azimuths, elevations, rises, and declinations. It even indicates the time until the next lunar and solar eclipses.

The next screen contains various astronomical information. It calculates the Julian date and indicates star time.

Additionally, from here, you can find out the exact coordinates of different points. For example, ascendant, lucky draw, east point, moon, sun, and midheaven.

Opposite each of the coordinates is the symbol of the zodiac sign in which the point is located. The zodiac name is immediately duplicated.

On the next screen of the main menu is detailed information about sunrise and sunset. It includes the length of the day, the sun’s peak point, and the duration of the day, and so on.

The last screen of the main menu contains some descriptions of the current day according to the lunar calendar. Moreover, here you can read omens for the current lunar day.

So, the application can be used not only as an encyclopedia of various data about the Moon’s position but also as a daily collection of omens according to the Orthodox calendar.

Moon Phase Calendar Zodiac

Simple Moon Phase Calendar

This application represents the most comprehensive collection of information about Earth’s satellite.

In this stylish and aesthetically pleasing app, a wealth of information is combined with a complete lunar calendar.

Upon launching the application, you’re greeted with the main screen, immediately immersing the user in an abundance of lunar information.

Here, in addition to the current date and time, you can find the coordinates of your current location.

It also displays the countdown time to sunrise and sunset, the age of the moon, and the zodiac sign it currently resides in.

A three-dimensional model of the Moon is immediately available, allowing real-time observation of lunar phases by date.

At the base of the screen lies the calendar. A simple swipe replaces it with a zodiac calendar or compass. The app works seamlessly in both portrait and landscape modes.

A separate section of the screen is dedicated to various current lunar information. It is replaced by quite detailed settings for the program itself.

The main screen features four links leading to other sections of the program. The first contains the lunar horoscope, detailed information about the current Zodiac sign through which the moon is passing, and recommendations for gardeners.

The adjacent section in this application contains an extensive set of reference information about the Moon.

It is presented in the form of links to third-party resources on the Internet. The information compilation can confidently be deemed exhaustive.

On the other side of the screen are transitions to the remaining two subsections of the application.

They contain the annual calendar of lunar phases, rise and fall times, as well as a chart of past and future lunar eclipses.

The final section contains a detailed calendar of lunar phases and Zodiac signs.

It takes into account the duration of the day and some other indicators. It can be considered a detailed addition to the main screen of the application.

Moon Phase Calendar Zodiac

Moon Phases

Tracking the phases of the Moon and observing natural phenomena, people have come to an intriguing conclusion.

The rhythms of the surrounding world correspond to the change in lunar phases. Harmony in nature is subject to the energy of the Moon.

Choose the right day to implement your plans. Most failures happen because either we rush events or postpone them.

The stars urge us to make decisions. We can fall into the trap of emotions and regret it by acting wrongly.

The lunar calendar for each day will help us understand how the stars influence us on that day.

A lunar day or phase is the time from moonrise to moonrise, except for the 1st lunar day. Sometimes a lunar month consists of 29 lunar days, and sometimes 30. The 30th lunar day can also be a very short day.

The lunar calendar is one of the oldest calendars on Earth, based on ancient knowledge of the Moon’s movement across the sky.

Moon Phases

You Know Moon Phase?

This application looks magnificent. There are just four points in a column on the main page with white letters on a black background.

That’s the most important thing. What you’ll ultimately be using: the sign, phase, and courseless position.

There are lunar stations too, but they’re for the seasoned. That’s all.

This application sends task notifications. The Moon changed signs – the notification will appear even when the screen is off.

You can also customize these notifications differently. Time for a courseless Moon – get a reminder. And it’s very convenient.

It’s good to know about the Moon down to the point of ascension, but why? But receiving a notification that the Moon changed signs just when it did works.

Visually, this application looks fantastic. The background of the app is an animated space. Any user action is accompanied by some effect.

Throughout the entire interaction with the app, there’s unobtrusive background music playing. From information delivery to visual interface design, everything is excellently executed.

Almost everyone will find something useful in the app because the volume of information is vast.

Even gardeners will have a powerful tool for navigating the Moon at their disposal.

You Know Moon Phase

Luna Solaria – Moon & Sun

This application looks decent. A large moon in its current phase is at the center of the screen.

Next to it, on a slightly moving starry background, is the main information.

Fonts and colors are not overloaded: first font, first color. That’s good. Nothing distracts, it’s easy to read.

The main information: caption, age, rise and set times. If you don’t need extra data and moon void of course time, then among free apps, this is optimal.

Suitable for astrology beginners. The app will provide you with a description of each lunar day, its symbols, stones, and characteristics. But if you install the app, it’s definitely not for them.

Easy to navigate. There’s nothing extra on the main screen.

The app will obsessively provide gardening tips, food advice, and business life recommendations. Information about meditations is available every day according to the lunar calendar.

Also, the lunar calendar contains information about the significance of dreams. It will give you a few recommendations on working with dreams according to the lunar calendar.

The app contains information about moon void of course periods.

There’s a feature to record any notes in the calendar and create reminders.

You Know Moon Phase?


This program contains moon phases, a lunar day calendar, and the moon’s position in zodiac signs for each day.

It shows the exact time of full moons, the beginning of lunar days, and the moon’s entry into the zodiac.

Information is presented conveniently in three different formats.

For the current day, for the month like a standard calendar, and more detailed for the week.

For each day, descriptions of lunar aspects, their interpretation, and recommendations are available.

There’s precise location tracking based on GPS data. Support for different languages is available.

The program can be downloaded and used completely free of charge. This app is a real personal and accurate lunar calendar.

Your indispensable advisor, which will always be with you, and now there’s no need to buy paper editions of lunar calendars every year.

Every day you can adjust your plans accordingly. For example, when to trim your hair for them to become lush and when to water plants timely.

As well as updated recommendations on the comprehensive influence of lunar rhythms on our lives, health, and daily life.