The French manicure is a simple yet sophisticated nail design style. The traditional white-tipped design remains the most popular choice among women. However, with modern artistry and techniques, the design has evolved over time to keep up with fashion trends.

The French manicure is truly just the beginning of an incredible nail style journey. Every woman can take the idea and customize it to reflect her individuality. For special occasions, the design can be tailored to complement your attire.

For those who appreciate a simple elegance, the French manicure should be an ideal fit. It’s also appealing to those who prefer more elaborate nail designs, given the plethora of French manicure variations available.

Below, we’ve gathered the hottest ideas of this season, allowing you to choose the best option for yourself. Stick to the traditional technique with a modern twist like ombre, or opt for a bold design.

Today, the French manicure typically embodies a natural nail style, featuring a clean or transparent base color with white nail tips.

The French manicure is often considered the neutral choice for Hollywood actresses.

Regardless of its origins, it has become a classic for both everyday wear and special occasions. Like a simple white t-shirt, the French manicure is a universal choice. Nowadays, your color options are not limited to plain pink and white tips. You can paint various patterns and add small gemstones, distinctive symbols, or other decorations. You can also reverse the colors and play around with them. Witness how artists from around the world experiment with the classic French manicure design, adding creativity and their own ideas.

Below is a large gallery of photos showcasing fashionable French manicure variations this year.

Pomegranate French manicure

Who said the French manicure has to be pink? Instead, opt for a hue from the same family – garnet. It’s a stunning accent to the traditional French manicure. Finish off this deep red shade with a hint of additional metallic gold. If you’re using gel polish, ask your manicurist to add a mirror-like shine effect.

French with a yellow tip

Choose a vibrant color like yellow to adorn your French manicure. There are several ways to achieve this amazing manicure at home, and one of them involves using stickers with cutouts.

Simply place the sticker so that the upper curved arch aligns with your nail’s curve, leaving space for the yellow tip. Once you’re sure your nail polish is completely dry, carefully remove the sticker. You should have a perfect French manicure – then just apply your favorite top coat.

yellow french manicure
Source @netinails

Manicure with golden, pink nail tips

For a refined and fashionable look, use a pale pink shade as the base coat and a metallic shade for the tips. This color combination emits the same vibes as rose gold jewelry. Finish off this look with a glossy top coat.

French manicure with a snow effect

Create a winter atmosphere with these sparkling French nails. The tips here are thicker, allowing for a more dramatic effect. To recreate this effect at home, you’ll need white nail polish as well as semi-transparent or silver glitter.

Use tape, stickers, or any other method to isolate the tips of your nails. Apply several layers of glitter to the tips of your nails, then cover with a glossy top coat.

Short nails with shiny tips

This design is perfect for short nails but will also look great on longer nails. The result you get is quite cute and minimalist. All you need to do after applying the base coat of pink polish is to add a thin straight line or rounded nail gloss.

Amazing black French

Transform the traditional French manicure by using the opposite color on the tips – black. Enhance the natural curve of the nail to achieve the rounding effect you can see in the photo. You can choose a pastel base color or simply transparent nail polish.

Festive manicure

A really simple way to embellish your French manicure is to add an image or sticker. You can purchase them online. They are not only affordable but also extremely versatile. With them, you can create a million amazing nail designs. The possibilities are virtually endless. You can also adapt your nails to different seasons, various holidays, or important events.

classic French manicure
Source @gesanails

Manicure with accented ring finger

This design would be a lovely choice for a bride on her wedding day. A white flower on the ring finger is a truly effective way to make the standard French manicure special. You can either draw the flower yourself with a very thin brush or take a simpler route and just purchase a nail sticker and attach it to the desired nail.

Brilliant French manicure

To give this look a special touch, do a regular French manicure, then add some glitter. Make sure the glitter is only at the base of the nail, not on the tips. This will add extra contrast between the base and the tips of the nails. This style is more dynamic and graceful compared to the typical French manicure.

Very shiny nail tips

This style is perfect for glitter lovers. You’ll need glitter powder to achieve such a thick and even layer of sparkle. You can do this manicure at home quite poorly, so it’s better to seek a professional.

Amazing French manicure with stones and glitter

If the French manicure is too simple for you, you’ll love this option. Using a mixture of silver glitter, white dots, and small rhinestones makes this square-tipped manicure both classic and modern. Use just one accent nail, or take a more complex route and create a unique design for each nail. This manicure will look great at your prom or any celebration.

Golden French manicure

Not everyone can pull off silver. Perhaps your dress or outfit has golden details, or maybe gold complements your skin tone better than silver. You or your manicurist should apply a thin, even layer of shimmer to the tips of your nails to achieve the same effect as in the photo.

Simple manicure

Opt for a light pink nail color in this variation, and you’ll achieve a subtle and stylish look. This particular type of manicure uses gel polish, but you can always replicate it with any other type of nail lacquer.

A simple shiny manicure

You can incorporate glitter into the classic French manicure in several ways. This variation is unique and exquisite. Adorn the tips of the nails with a thin layer of glittery polish between the light pink base color and the white tip.

Chrome French manicure

Ready to astonish all your friends with your manicure? This chrome beauty is so elegant yet so modern. You’ll need special powder to achieve this stunning effect. Also, for this manicure, you absolutely need to use gel polish and ultraviolet radiation.

Beautiful lace manicure

Here, the manicurist decided to use black and gold colors to adorn the nails. The delicate V-shape is created with black polish, and then the artist applies a golden pattern. This manicure is worth all the effort put into it.

French lace manicure
Source @rawrrgina

Geometric French manicure

If you’re a big fan of accent nails, you’ll love this option. The design is very simple: the artist uses transparent nail polish with a thin black line to accentuate the tips. Any nail will look great as an accent nail in this look. Use an extremely thin manicure tool to replicate the design of this triangle.

Bright shiny nails

So far, we’ve only highlighted manicures where glitter was used only on parts of the nails, but it’s time to take this design to a new level and intensify the sparkle. Use a more pigmented pink shade, it will create a bolder effect. When choosing glitter, you can use pink, gold, or both.

Incredible nails

This look features one of the most beautiful accent nails we’ve seen in a French manicure. It’s not overly glossy, making it a perfect complement to an elegant outfit. The ring finger boasts an intricate design reminiscent of swirls used in European architecture. It’s the perfect choice for a wedding manicure.

Pointed French manicure

This is a fantastic option for those who love stiletto-shaped nails. It’s modern, aesthetic, and undoubtedly suits any look and style. If you want to create it at home, you can use a stencil or tape to achieve the triangular pattern.

Thick French

Not all girls have long nails – some simply don’t grow, or they break easily. Long nails aren’t suitable for everyone. This style allows you to elongate short nails while still maintaining a classic French style.

Shiny gradient nails

If you need a special manicure for prom, a wedding, or any other special event, try a sparkling French manicure with ombre. The sparkle is concentrated at the top of the nail, so it doesn’t detract from the details of your outfit. It will resemble the sparkle of gemstones.

French manicure in noir style

There’s no reason to stick to pink and white shades when doing a French manicure. In the photo, you can see matte nail polish. Instead of contrasting the base with the tip, various finishing methods are used here: the base is matte, and the tip is glossy. However, you can use any other shade.

Manicure in the style of black tie

Create interesting details with triangular tips on square nails using a beige or pale pink color as a base. You can also try this manicure in white, a more traditional French style. Use a matte topcoat to finish off this look.

Long French manicure

Experiment a little with nail shape using the ballerina shape. This shade is best suited for a thick tip that starts just before the nail begins to slightly tilt upward.

Glamorous nails with jewels

This style is actually quite versatile. It includes transparent nail polish, black tips, and a simple accent nail adorned with gemstones. This way, you create a unique and impressive design.

Metallic French manicure

Catch surprised looks with this futuristic French manicure. Curved gold tips are a captivating addition to the black matte base. If that’s not enough for you, add an accent nail with a shiny gradient.

Manicure with a thin tip

If you’re tired of black and white, try this fun French manicure with thin tips. To achieve such a thin line, use a nail sticker or tape to create a straight line. The slightly iridescent and metallic polish on the tips make this polish refreshing and new.

Floral French manicure

Everyone loves the original design of the French manicure. Instead of filling the tips with white, the artist decided to use this space for stunning white and gold floral patterns. It’s an amazing wedding or festive look.

Fashionable manicure

Feeling great and upbeat? Try out this trendy version of the French manicure. You can incorporate it into your everyday look. Alternating black and white dots, along with stripes, stand out without being overly flashy.

Mint French

This manicure pairs perfectly with any clothing or accessories in a blue-gold hue. Swirly accent nails, rhinestones, and white details make this look even more appealing.

Color overlap

Here’s another design option for square nails. This style involves layering black and white triangles to create a geometric effect. If you have a small enough brush, replicating this manicure at home shouldn’t be too difficult.

Gray French manicure

If plain pink and white nails aren’t your style, opt for a cool blue-gray shade. It’s a great choice if you use a lot of warm colors since these are still neutral tones. Leave a thin line on top for the pink tip to complete this unique French manicure.

gray French manicure
Source @stefhpap

Colorful manicure

Rainbow nails can also be fashionable and stylish. If you love bright colors, you won’t be able to resist this design. The subtle colored stripe on a beige base looks cute but not overwhelming. Also, add a matte finish to your base to simplify the look.

French manicure with sakura

Create a unique manicure by painting a Japanese cherry blossom design over the traditional French manicure. If you’re doing it at home and unsure of your skills, you can always use a colored nail sticker.