Spring is the season when everything starts to awaken after a long winter, from nature to your spirit. That’s why so many women pay extra attention to their styles when the spring season arrives.

You might have a wardrobe full of clothes to flaunt when the sun shines, but there’s something else you shouldn’t forget. What we’re talking about is spring nail design. That’s why we’ve gathered all the trendiest ideas for you to be the most stylish this season.

Happy sunshine

This ladybug-inspired manicure tops our list of spring nail designs, bringing the playful charm to the forefront.

Vintage flowers

We’re completely smitten with this spring look, blending classic almond shapes with bohemian floral hues.

Mini Cacti

Paired with a vibrant shade of raspberry blue, a few mini cacti just fuel our spring fever.

Mini Cacti
Source: @mspattycake

Tropical vacation

For manicure enthusiasts torn between decisions, here’s something for you. Next time you can’t choose between watermelon or lime, try an accent nail for each.

Palm leaves on an accent nail

If you’re seeking a design that’s not too flashy but still a bit whimsical, this accent nail featuring palm leaves checks all the boxes.

Palm leaves on accent nail
Source: @mspattycake

Matte slime

Speaking of unexpectedness, opt for a matte look but make it slime-like. Mei, the celebrity and extraordinary nail fashion master, continues to inspire us. Plus, poppy blue and purple hues are just darling.

matte slime
Source: @nailsbymei

Lavender manicure

These lavender nails epitomize spring. Abstract painted faces, inspired by Erno Laszlo, add a subtle, artistic touch unique to each accent nail. Recreate this look at home with a few simple brush strokes for detailing.

Lavender manicure
Source: @chillhouse

Rainbow ombre

April showers will likely bring a few rainbows along with their May downpours, right? Find inspiration in the spring sky with this ombre-effect rainbow nail.

rainbow ombre
Source: @orosabeauty

French manicure with a soft floral accent

Many girls desire stylish manicures but shy away from anything too intricate. Enter the French manicure. Despite its simplicity, we urge you to experiment a bit with cool French designs and elevate it with the addition of exquisite colors. This will give your style a fresher and more fashionable look.

Flower design for spring manicure

Spring is that beautiful time when flowers begin to bloom, so one of this season’s top trends will be nail art featuring floral motifs. Adorn your seasonal nails with images of your favorite blooms and welcome spring in full force.

Nail design with daisies

Tiny daisies look adorable and delicate on your nails. We believe this is perhaps the best choice for a spring manicure.

Spring nail design with a fragile dried flower

Another intriguing idea to add to your collection of spring nail designs is manicure with dried flowers. There’s nothing better for creating a romantic look than such floral nail art. Delight your femininity with these ideas.

Points for manicure decoration

Creating cute nail designs for spring is quite easy, and this style demonstrates it perfectly. All you need is a dotting tool and a bit of imagination. Just take a look at these unusual and inspiring manicure designs.

Pink spring manicure

There are plenty of spring nail designs out there, but your task is not only to pick a fashionable design but also to pair it with stylish shades. Pink hues are the best representations for your style this spring.

The world of bloom

When you look at all the spring nail design drawings, you don’t need to be a genius to understand that flowers are at the top of popularity. Here, we offer you to choose a delicate yet equally stylish floral style added to your spring-toned nails.

New trends of spring manicure

French nails are eternal designs, and we won’t argue about that. But how about a little spring update? Firstly, we suggest you change the color palette; we think shimmer suits spring better. Moreover, you can add a new nail shape to the classic French style without compromising the result. Take a look at these wonderful photos below.

Shining spring nails

Just because winter has passed doesn’t mean you should forget about all the sparkle until next year. Quite the contrary! Spring nails will look stunning with a touch of shimmer. Whether it’s glittery ombre or simply sparkling designs, the effect will still be captivating.

Bright spring nail designs with butterflies

In spring, flowers bloom, and butterflies take flight, delighting the eyes. Bright and colorful manicures are particularly relevant this time of year, and a cute butterfly will truly make it spring-like.

Neon manicure

The wonderful thing about neon colors is that they’re vibrant and truly eye-catching. If you want to create a stylish look, you’ll love this design. If you enjoy attention, try neon colors because they’ll make you feel like a superstar. If you want to be stylish, neon nails are an excellent choice for you. You must choose the right colors that suit your nails; otherwise, it won’t work. You should consider your skin tone and overall nail shape to choose the right neon color. When chosen correctly, neon nails will complement your look beautifully, making you even more stunning.

Stylists nowadays recommend neon colors for this spring season. You can choose yellow, green, or pink shades. You can also try combining pastel colors with neon ones to create a completely new look. The wonderful thing about this style is that you can experiment a lot.

There’s no need to be afraid to try new colors because it allows you to make your style much brighter and more fun. Below, we’ve compiled a gallery of neon manicures; we hope you can find the best option for yourself.

Red spring manicure

While there are countless colors for manicures, ask any woman what color suits her nails best or which color she desires, and she’ll tell you: red. The allure of the red color is universal. It was the original nail polish color, and there are several reasons for it: red is versatile, and it effortlessly attracts the opposite sex. You may not know this, but when a woman paints her nails red, she becomes more confident and feminine. That’s the power of the red color.

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