If you’re contemplating your next manicure, we’re willing to bet that nude polish isn’t even on your radar. No matter how popular neutral attire may be, folks often prefer a little more color on their nails, letting that small canvas become a playground for their boldest beauty statements.

While that’s all well and good, we can’t help but swoon over some of the nude nails we’ve been seeing lately on Instagram—and we have a feeling you’ll feel the same way too.

Contrasting colors with a pink accent

The glossy design of three fingers in latte shade beautifully contrasts with the rich chocolate hue of the ring finger, elegantly adorned with a rose in the corner. This design makes a statement without being bold or audacious, perfect for reserved individuals who want to make an impression without words.

Contrasting colors with pink accents
Source: @fahim.nail

Soft pink nude manicure

These understated nails are perfect for individuals with medium-dark or dark skin tones seeking a way to assert their style while maintaining a sense of decency and elegance. The ring finger and pinky are crafted with delicate filigree work, which sets the nails apart from the rest.

Nude-pearl nails

These glossy nails will appear nude under certain lighting and holographic under others. As you might have guessed, creating them requires professional skills.

Reverse nude nails

You don’t have to cover the entire nail with polish to create a stunning nude manicure. Just take a look at this glossy nail with specks of glitter.

Elegant nude nails with a pink tint

The subtle hint of rose present in this one of many simple nail design ideas is the perfect complement to a white ensemble, such as a wedding dress or a white pantsuit. The elegant engraving on the ring fingers makes this design truly unique, allowing you to make a statement.

Unusual pink nail with sparkles

Again, this nail color appears as an extension of your natural nails with a bright healthy sheen enhanced by the glossy finish. The shiny coating on the ring finger elevates it above monochromatic patterns and highlights the natural beauty of your hands.

Nude nails with a floral print

We don’t know about you, but we’re enchanted by these almond-shaped nails with floral prints. While the design is subtle, the silhouette is slightly sharp, creating a playful contrast of beauty overall.

Abstract drawings

How adorable are these abstract silhouettes? Their minimalist nature and skillful design give us a French vibe.

Nude nails with lots of sparkles

Consider this nail design for those looking to take the nude nail trend to the next level. The colors don’t resemble each other, enhancing interest and creativity. The glossy nails create a balance between the matte and glossy contrast of nails of other colors.

Sweet and soft, delicate, beautiful, with a touch of silver

For those with a calm demeanor and chocolatey skin, this style is perfect as a chic design. The smooth pinkish hue adorned with silver near the cuticle line creates a unique look. Unique and attractive, try this nail design as your next choice.

Lovely and soft, delicate, beautiful, with a touch of silver
Source: @vegas_nay

Nude manicure with stripes

We love the contrast of this nude nail design. Best of all, it’s easy to do it yourself if you have a roll of masking tape in an oil slick finish.

Gradient nails

It’s no secret that we love gradient nails. While the color itself can play an important role, this manicure idea takes it up a notch with glitter.

gradient nails
Source: @as.nails

Nail design ideas with a shiny pink shade

Whether you have light or dark skin, this pattern can be adapted to your complexion. Pinkish-pink with a hint of lilac is a style you can achieve on your own with a dual-tone nail polish. Use a clear top coat to protect your nails and enhance shine.

Pink-nude nails with polka dots

These shiny, pink nails will look like an extension of your hands while maintaining a polished appearance. You might consider this color if your skin is a rich olive tone or just slightly brown. As you do them, enhance the look with a glossy top coat to showcase the designs engraved on the index and ring fingers.

High-contrast nude nails

Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the nude nail trend by marking the edges of each nail with a bright shade. Just keep in mind that recreating this particular manicure will likely require a very steady hand.

Lilac nails

If all nails were the same color as the index finger, you’d have a clear nude tone ready for any occasion. Instead, this pink gradient manicure begs to be worn around town.

Nails the color of pink porcelain

The elegant porcelain design of these nails is further accentuated by individual gemstones placed along the cuticle line of each nail. This charming idea suits professionals of any skill level and can be a great update to your nail style. Use a clear top coat to protect the gemstones from premature falling off.

Nude manicure with pandas

If you’re into saving the planet, you’ll appreciate these whimsical nails featuring a panda and bamboo stem design. A cute bear is depicted on the ring finger facing you, holding food that sustains its life. On the other ring finger image, the panda is shown in all its fluffy glory. The rest of the fingers are touched with a dusty pink shade to highlight these appliqués.

Nude manicure with stars

If you like the idea of starry nails but don’t want to go all out with color and larger designs, consider this tiny nude approach.

Mini black french

French manicure is having a moment this year, and this subtle black version is sure to be a hit. Wear it as is or pair it with additional nail art on a few bright nails.

Mini black jacket
Source: @nailsinc

Cargo flowers for the perfect nude nail color

On the ring fingers of this nail design, three different shades of flowers are used for variety and creativity. You’ll notice these appliqués are identical for both fingers, creating a sense of continuity that would otherwise be lacking. The flowers are complemented by a nude hue tastefully applied to other nails, for a balanced and chic look.

Cute nails with milk chocolate and a shiny pink shade

The four colors presented in this nail design perfectly complement each other while maintaining a sense of belonging and simplicity. The lightness of this nail design might contradict its allure, but make no mistake. Its simplicity has nothing to do with its quality. Just see how many compliments you’ll receive with these nails.

Cute nude nail design ideas

Don’t these nails look like they’re just too good to eat? Of course, they’re too beautiful for that, but the fact remains: these nails are truly some of the most elegant and stylish. Each nail differs from the pinky with subtle variations of the same design. The glassy top coat gives these nails a delicate look that complements small or slender hands.

Cute Nude Nail Design Ideas
Source: @dawnnails_

Glamorous and shiny nails for an extravagant person

For Type A personalities who can’t get enough of style, these nails are a find. Both the middle and ring fingers feature variations of the same pattern, with the middle fingers effectively capturing both sides of the color palette. The outer fingers sport a pinkish-lilac hue with a matte finish that’s simultaneously classic and refined.

Glamorous and shiny nails for an extravagant person
Source: @riyathai87

Nude nails with a marble design

The marble design on the last two fingers resembles the marbling of some ceramic and marble countertops. The delicate white and pink granite design perfectly complements the glossy lilac coating present on the other nails. It’s a cute and playful look for everyday wear or a special occasion.