We constantly study the latest global trends in men’s haircuts.

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Currently, shaved cuts, messy hairstyles, and short cuts with sharp surgical lines on the nape and sides of the head are at the peak of popularity.

We are here to tell you about the most fashionable haircuts for men this year. And so, shaved cuts, crops, and quiffs continue to be in style for guys.

Here is a compilation of the top 100 men’s haircuts of this year.

High Shaved Pompadour

The high fade pompadour is a popular style among men who prefer a clean-shaven look. This haircut is suitable for any profession and allows you to blend fashion with business savvy.

High Fade Pompadour
Source: @menshair

High shaved with longer hair on top

This style is suitable for various hair types, from straight and wavy to curly and coiled. Longer hair on the crown adds a relaxed look and brings more freedom to your style.

Shaving medium length

Ladies and gentlemen, this year, the shaved undercut is still a trendy choice. Some men are trading their typical short haircut for this sharp high-contrast style with clean sides that seamlessly transition into a stylish beard.

Medium Length Skin Fade
Source: @ricko_agoel

Bald shaved with medium length hair on top

This hairstyle exudes a highly polished appearance while maintaining a fashionable and stylish look. In our humble opinion, longer clothing complements this hairstyle perfectly, creating a maximally impactful visual effect.

High shaved

This style changes the rules of the game. The sleek shaved sides combined with longer hair create a fantastic combination.

Side cut with shaved

It’s a modern and fashionable style that combines the shaved edges with a cool pompadour, allowing for the perfect business haircut.

Gentleman’s haircut

The gentleman’s haircut, like a finely aged whiskey, never goes out of style. This haircut with short sides and hair swept to the side is the essence of any businessman.

The Knight's Cut
Source: @connimaree


This style has been somewhat forgotten but is regaining popularity. The man bun is a man’s ultimate achievement in growing out his hair. Once your hair reaches the desired length, you’ll be ready to unleash your inner warrior and try out this look. Whether you have straight, wavy, or curly hair, it’s a great styling option for men with long hair.

the man bun
Source: @manbunfire

Shaved haircut with textured hair

This style is perfect for men who want to have the best of both worlds in modern haircuts: a trendy short cut and the freedom to choose loose hairstyles. Whether you have medium-length or long hair, this style is ideal for styling with textured pomade.

Smoothly combed pompadour with shaved sides

This hairstyle is for a well-groomed man. The sleek-backed pompadour looks very professional, especially with a well-trimmed beard.

Shaved Mohawk

Such a style is definitely suitable for hair of any texture. The shaved sides smoothly transition into a natural faux hawk on the crown. The clean sides complement this hairstyle perfectly for the modern man.

Shaved sides and long hair on top

If you’re a fan of fade haircuts, you should definitely try this hairstyle. The high degree of shaving truly accentuates the uniqueness of this cut and is an ideal choice in the business world. The longer hair on top can be styled into a pompadour or worn freely.

Bald shaved with side part

The trend for men this year is the beard. The bald fade seamlessly transitions into the skin, leading to a well-groomed beard below. This style is for those men who appreciate a clean-cut look.

Bald Fade with Hard Part and Disconnected Beard
Source: @menshair

Light shaving with long hair

This style adds another dimension to the high fade. Blow-dried hair adds a smoother and more voluminous appearance to this style, making it easier to style while still looking stylish with the fade.

Low fade with longer hair on top Air dried
Source: @menshair

Shaving with a non-contact beard

This hairstyle is both stylish and professional. The styled hair on the crown provides excellent control over the haircut and looks incredibly professional with the bald fade.

Skull fade and disconnected beard
Source: @chaoscuts

Bald shaving with beard

If you have a beard, you simply must try this haircut. The clean-shaven sides transition neatly into the beard. This style is a great choice for guys who love bald haircuts.

High Shave with Textured Pompadour

In this look, the loose pompadour gives you a more relaxed yet classy style. The high level of shaving keeps the side clean and stylish.

Shaving with braided pompadour

This is precisely the style you should try if you have long hair. If you’re tired of constantly adjusting your long hair, give this braided pompadour a try.

High Shave with Side Cut and Contactless Beard

In this disconnected style, longer hair combines with a high fade. This type of fade maintains freshness and modernity at the same time.

Fading with textured medium length hair

This style is perfect for men who like a rugged and natural look. It gives your hairstyle a loose and short appearance on the sides, while the hair is neatly trimmed at the front, yet still looking natural and textured.

High ground

This haircut is making a comeback in the world of men’s hairstyles. It combines smoothly shaved sides with fully styled square hair on top. This look is perfect for men with wavy or curly hair.

Flat top with a high fade.
Source: @shawn_barbz

High shaved and long hair

It’s an ideal choice if you love long hair. The fade creates a pleasant contrast with the freer-flowing hair on the crown.

Men’s geometric haircut

This style takes men’s haircuts to a whole new level. Ask your barber for this haircut if you’re tired of ordinary styles. In this style, the fade blends with geometric shaving.

High Shave with Natural Hair

This style combines a sleek appearance with a natural cut on top. Style your hair in a way that you like the most.

Shaving and blunt bangs

Can you believe it? Bangs are in trend! This style gives you a bang that you didn’t even know you wanted. It keeps the sides short and the sides are shaved, while the long bangs on top are bluntly trimmed.

Haircut with a bald shave and longer hair on top

This is for truly wild men. By maintaining long hair on the crown and embracing natural texture, this style is perfect for a well-groomed bearded man.

Shaving with a blade and side cutting

This style maintains its modernity with the shaved sides, featuring a more rugged fade style on the sides.

Side high shaved pompadour

This haircut combines the best elements of a pompadour and takes it up a notch. The smooth separation on the upper part, combined with the clean shaving, makes it a great choice for men who care about style.

Low shave with slicked back hair

This haircut, paired with a lower fade, gives you a natural look. You can enhance this style with hair gel or textured pomade.

low fade
Source: @menshair

Fade with thin surgical line

The modern look of this haircut, combined with well-groomed hair on top, will make you the most fashionable man in your circle.

Shaving + voluminous swept back bangs

It’s a really cool men’s haircut with volume and movement. The sides are cut very short while leaving the hair on top long. Wash your hair and comb it back. Then apply a medium-hold hair spray to ensure your hairstyle stays in place throughout the day.

Short textured haircut

It’s an effortless hairstyle that doesn’t require much maintenance. This haircut pairs well with a beard.

Long hair + designer pattern

This is one of the coolest haircuts we’ve ever seen. The fade is one of those hairstyles that will remain popular worldwide for many years to come. It looks super cool with long hair on top and a long fringe, combined with a big beard and amazing graphic hair design.

Short haircut + high shaved

One of the best haircuts of this year. It works well for office workers as it doesn’t require much time for maintenance.

Short wavy hair + high shaved

Wavy hair cut short for a pleasant, short hairstyle.

Messy haircut for men

This is a stylish short haircut for men with shaved sides and messy hair on top.

High shaved + long hair on top

Here we have a great style that seems to have been inspired by the haircuts of the 80s.

Medium pompadour

There are many variations of the pompadour, depending on the type and length of your hair. This is a medium-length pompadour with very short sides.

High Shave + Medium Sculpted Hair

High fade combined with thick hair on top styled in a fiery shape, giving the hairstyle a special movement.

High wavy hair + shaving

A good option for wavy hair with interesting side solutions.

Short sides + long hair

A cool side haircut with a fade.

Shaving + waves

High fade complements the wavy hairstyle on the top of the head.

Side cut + clean shave

This is a very stylish look for men. The sides are shaved, while the hair on top is styled to add movement to the style.

Shaving + short spiky hair

A classic men’s haircut with a special front styling.

Bald shaving + Curly hair

Some guys think that their curly hair is a problem, but not when you go to the right hairstylist. This style is simply stunning. The mid fade provides a nice contrast to the longer hair on top, which can be styled naturally.

Short sides + long bangs

This is a super cool hairstyle. Big hair on top, a long fringe in the front, and the sides are shaved.

Double Pompadour

This is one of the most creative haircuts at the moment. The thick hair on top is styled back into a cool pompadour.

Medium length haircut

A classic medium-length hairstyle for men who want to look traditional yet modern and fashionable.

Short hair combined with medium

A popular men’s hairstyle in recent years. Short hair on the sides smoothly transitions into longer hair on the top of the head, which is styled back to accentuate your facial features.

Short smooth pompadour

Keep it simple with a short haircut. To create this hairstyle, apply a little hair gel and comb it to the side, then finish it off with hairspray for hold.

Short Quiff + Medium Shave

A cool medium haircut for men with sharp textures on top and a sharp fade for added contrast. The textures on top give the hair an edgy style.

High Shave + Curly Hair

Here’s a hairstyle that makes curly hair look cool. High fade combined with an undercut.

Smoothly combed back hair

A modern version of a classic haircut. Use a strong hair gel to keep the hair in place. This is a real haircut for alpha males.

Medium Shave + Textured Pompadour

This is probably one of the most popular hairstyles this year. High fade combined with a textured pompadour.

Hairstyle for curly hair

Here we have curly hair on the top of the head, which blends naturally with ultra-short sides.

Thick Medium Hair

Another example of a cool hairstyle, but with longer, thick hair on top and shaved sides.

Short haired Anderkat

One of the most noticeable men’s haircuts this year. The shaved sides create a sharp contrast with the long hair on top of the head.

High Shave + Long Wavy Hair

If you have long wavy hair, this hairstyle is perfect for you.

Taper haircut

One of the favorite hairstyles for black men. The smooth fade maintains a fresh and neat appearance, while the natural curls on top are twisted into coils.

Long curly haircut + short sides

Here’s another amazing hairstyle for guys who have curly hair and think they can’t create a cool hairstyle. It’s one of the best hairstyles for curly hair this year.

Short sides + natural curls

Neat and defined curls on the sides and longer hair on top create a fantastic look for its owner.

Haircut for thick messy hair

The sides are very short and high, while the hair on top is styled in almost a faux hawk. It’s one of the best options.

Smoothly combed back haircut

Another alpha male style. The hairstyle has shifted to a more masculine look.

Cool Low Shave + Side Part

An innovative and unique men’s haircut. We have a cool combination created in a loose pomp.

High combi shave

A classic pompadour taken to perfection. A big beard complements this hairstyle beautifully.

Pompadour with surgical line

Another variation of the pompadour. A surgical line separates the low fade from the high top.

Bursting mohawk

An astonishingly shaped hairstyle, including a cool side effect.

Low Shave + Smooth Hair

This is an amazing style. It’s perfect for business-minded men who love classic looks. A thick beard will also complement this haircut nicely.

Natural curls + double line

Medium-length curly hair. Clean and neat sides with double short sides to enhance the style.

Short textured hair + medium shave

Here we have one of the first styles seen this year, featuring a beard, a bald fade, and a long top. One of the best haircuts for men who want to stand out in a crowd.

Cool hair designs

A cool haircut design with a fade that’s trending this year.

Surgical line + Anderkat

A high fade combined with a sharp surgical line. On top, we have a long pompadour.

Short textured haircut

A beautiful short textured haircut for men. It’s perfect for those who work in an office.

Surgical line

A sharp surgical line separates the bald fade from the rest of the head, which is also cut very short.

Hairstyle for medium length hair

If you have thick or wavy hair, try this cool haircut for men.

High bald shave

This high bald fade creates noticeable contrast, adding some movement and neatness while keeping the hair natural on top.

Side quiff for men

The side quiff is one of the most popular hairstyles this year. The sides are cut very low, while a pompadour appears at the front.

High bald shaved + messy haircut

We have a high bald fade that is combined with slightly messy hair on top.

High Shave + Pompadour

Another variation of one of the most popular hairstyles this year. A high bald fade is paired with a pompadour on top.

Quiff for thick hair

Low fade combines with thick hair on top, creating a unique style.

High Shave + Long Textured Top Hair

If you want a cool, classic look, this haircut is the best option you can get.

High Shave + Side Part

A shorter version of the pompadour. The shorter sides place the main focus on the pompadour.

High Shave + Smooth Hair

Another simple and cool men’s haircut.

Short Curly Hair + Combination Sides

If you have curly hair, trim it short to make it easier to create this hairstyle.

Tapered haircut + Curved line

An amazing haircut with a super cool detail in the form of a curved line.

Long curly bangs + high shaved

Super short sides combined with a long fringe that adds coolness to your style.

Side Shave + Long Bangs

Another incredible haircut with a long fringe. You can achieve this haircut without using hair products.

High bald shaved + Smooth slicked back curly hair

An amazing short curly haircut with a high fade.

Combined haircut

This is a cool haircut. It’s a combination of a fade and an undercut, no longer connected to sideburns.


A burst fade is a very bold haircut that will make you stand out in the crowd.

Short men’s haircut + ultra-short shave

A nice short haircut for men. If you have thick hair, this haircut is the perfect choice for summer.

Textured quiff medium length

This textured quiff features a cool low bald fade mixed with medium-length hair on the sides and longer hair on top.

High Shave + Pomp Mohawk

A cool modern men’s hairstyle.

Haircut Anderkat

This hairstyle combines several styles. This time it’s a combination of an undercut and a high fade.

Taper + Waves

The perfect taper haircut that pairs well with waves.v

High Shave + Thick Messy Hair

This is a very trendy hairstyle of the year. It features a low bald fade. If you have thick hair, it’s a wonderful option for you.

High Shave + Side Bangs

This hairstyle features long hair on top and a front fringe, which contrasts nicely with the low sides. It looks great with a beard.

Curly long hair

Short hair on the sides and long curls on top.

Curved Line

Add this detail to your short haircut, but be prepared to touch up the line every week.

Straight shaved + Smooth curly hair

Another fantastic option for curly hair.