The French crop – a effortlessly stylish, low-maintenance haircut for men. Ideal for short hair and requiring minimal upkeep, it offers guys the perfect solution for wanting to feel fashionable and contemporary without investing time into styling, such as with pompadours. Ultimately, the French crop with a fringe is the optimal choice for those seeking a refined, modern, and understated look.

What is french crop?

The French crop is a classic short men’s haircut, often featuring a straight or tapered short fringe. The main difference between this haircut and the Caesar cut is that the Caesar cut has short hair all over, while the French crop offers longer hair with a short fringe.

The length of the fringe varies depending on personal preference. One of the main advantages of a fringe is that, due to its length, it offers various styling options for your look.

How to create a French crop

For most guys, getting this haircut will be very easy since their barbers should either know the name or recognize a picture of the style. Additionally, this hairstyle has another important advantage: as the hair grows out, it will maintain roughly the same style and proportionate length. This means you won’t need to visit the barber too often, allowing you to reduce expenses in the long run.

French crop options