Certainly, let’s explore the topic of updating one’s hairstyle after turning 40. When you hit this milestone, it’s undoubtedly an exciting time. As you reach a new phase in your life, why not consider making a few changes to your style? In your younger years, hairstyle choices often revolve around personal style preferences or keeping up with the latest trends. However, as you age, it becomes easier to settle into a routine and not worry as much about personal style.

By the time you reach your forties, your identity is more established, and you don’t necessarily need to follow the latest fashion trends to impress others. Now, what you need is a style that reflects your values as a woman. Hairstyles at this age can be stylish and elegant, yet fun and playful. No one says you can’t have a fun and attractive appearance in your forties.

At 40, you can experiment with styles that complement your face shape and highlight your facial features. For example, a short haircut can accentuate high cheekbones.

Are there hairstyles that women over 40 should avoid? It’s a debatable topic. However, it’s generally advised to steer clear of neon colors and overly long hair. Opting for more natural and subdued tones can contribute to a sophisticated look.

Let’s take a look at some photo examples of hairstyles for women over 40.

What does a hairstyle for women over 40 look like?

Certainly, let’s delve into various hairstyle options, with the key focus on the following elements:

  • Fashionable and Professional
  • Sexy and Intricate
  • Natural Hair
  • Bold and Tousled
  • Low Maintenance
  • Glamorous!

Bold short hairstyles represent the epitome of sexy styles that you can embrace in your life at 40. At this age, you have the freedom to experiment, and there are several styles that can be incredibly flattering. These styles help accentuate your facial features, truly bringing out the best in you. Additionally, you may not be aware, but a short haircut can highlight your beautiful cheekbones. Whether you fancy daring pixie cuts or more subdued bob hairstyles, you are sure to appreciate these fantastic haircuts.

You might want to stay away from crazy hair color, and there is also a perception that long hairstyles are not very attractive for women over 40.


Nice long bob

Among all the hairstyles for women over 40, the clear winner is the long bob. The long bob is a timeless choice – it doesn’t seem like you’re trying too hard. Ask your stylist to craft a one-length cut that falls just below the collarbone, with a long, tapered side fringe.

beautiful long bob
Source: @saritadawn

Stylish bob with blond dyeing

Mixing warm tones with cooler shades in your style can be playful, and medium-length hairstyles for women over 40 provide the perfect canvas to play with colors. Find a warm brown hue you love and transform it into a cool ashy shade for a stylish hairdo.

Shaggy haircut

Styling hair for women over 40 is much easier than you think. Effortlessly tousle loose waves with a straightener for an carefree yet beautiful hairstyle.

Shaggy haircut
Source: @hey.hi.hil

Wavy bob with balayage coloring

This adorable layered bob is anything but dull. Waves and a side-swept bang that you can easily shift when you want a change. Trying an undercut with this style could also be a good idea.

Two-tone pixie

Modern hairstyles for thin hair over 40 include new pixie cut options. Face-framing details remain long, while the back forms an undercut covered by longer sections extending from the crown.

Smooth bob

A fantastic way to sport a sleek bob with volume is a hairstyle suited for women with wider face shapes, featuring medium-textured and dense hair.

Pixie haircut for women over 40 years old

The pixie cut stands out as one of the hottest hairstyles. It complements most face shapes, works with nearly all hair textures, and what’s even better, it looks fantastic on women over 40.

We’ll showcase some fantastic pixie hairstyles for women over 40. There are sharp and textured pixie cuts, and we’ll help you figure out if this haircut is right for you.

Before opting for a pixie cut, consider asking yourself these questions:

  • Does your personality align with this haircut? Short, bold hairstyles attract attention. If you’re not fond of extra attention, think twice before committing to this cut.
  • Are you okay with frequent salon visits? This haircut demands regular professional maintenance. You’ll need to trim your hair every four to six weeks to keep the style looking fashionable and fresh.
  • Are you ready for the commitment? Since it’s a short haircut, your hair will take months or even years to grow back.

Pixie cuts can look great on almost all hair textures, even on curly hair. However, super curly hair might pose a challenge. Consult with your stylist first to ensure your hair can embrace this style without requiring excessive styling products.

Almost all pixie hairstyles complement oval, square, and heart-shaped faces.

Rejuvenating pixie hairstyle for round faces

This particular style will beautifully complement round face shapes because it adds extra volume on top, visually elongating the round face.

Pixie is suitable for almost all face shapes. It will look good on both round and square face shapes.


Bold and fashionable, this style is perfect for those who love short hair and want to give it a stylish look.

It is best suited for petite women with wavy or straight hair.

Bold and trendy, this style is excellent for those who adore short hair and aim for a chic appearance.

This haircut is most suitable for thick, dense hair. Fine hair simply won’t hold the volume without a considerable amount of styling products.

Bob with diagonal bangs for women over 40 years old

One of the enchanting hairstyles for women over 40 that helps maintain a youthful look involves combining a sexy side-swept fringe with varying lengths of hair – perhaps the easiest option for styling. The fringe draws attention to your eyes, and your face appears more harmonious.

This haircut features a single-length bob with a diagonal fringe and a disconnected undercut at the back. The diagonal strip is optional and can be made square. This style suits all hair types and looks particularly flattering on thin hair, instantly giving the illusion of more density.

Layered bob

Combine waves with bouncy layers, and you’ll have the perfect hairstyle for women over 40. This bob with such a stunning look creates the most captivating sensations. You can also experiment a bit by styling the hair slightly backward and adding waves on the sides. Overall, this look is simply stunning.

This is perhaps one of the best short styles for women over 40. If you’re seeking something short and simple, this option might satisfy your taste.

Messy haircut

Shoulder-length cuts with a slightly messy arrangement always look magical. The popularity of such hairstyles lies in their ability to provide a sense of effortlessness without creating too much fuss. Moreover, it’s an ideal choice for single women, working ladies, or busy moms.

Asymmetric hairstyle

Short asymmetrical bobs look fantastic on women over 40. It’s a cool twist on the classic bob cut. It’s a bit longer than the regular bob, and the elongated side draws attention to the shape of her face.

Textured haircut

With short hairstyles for women, it’s crucial to create volume and shape to accentuate the client’s features. This helps them feel more confident and vibrant in their everyday lives.

Bob of medium length

Bob haircuts for women over 40 are always in style because they are simple and look perfect regardless of age. They are especially ideal for professional women, thanks to their sophistication that adds to one’s individuality. However, some styling may be required to keep it looking fabulous. The classic bob is an excellent choice for those with thin, short, or medium-length hair. For those with thick and dense hair, a graduated bob is recommended, known for its longer strands in the front and shorter ones at the back.

This is an ideal option for women who want a short haircut but not too short. This haircut suits many face shapes and most hair types.

Wavy ombre bob

This wavy ombre bob is a popular choice among women over 40. It looks great with various hair types and face shapes. It’s an excellent way to manage thick, wavy hair and maximize the beauty of straight and dense hair.

Haircut with bangs

The combination of a bob and bangs always looks fantastic. All you need to do is create a well-crafted cut and complement your beautiful hair with front bangs. These nicely trimmed bangs always give you an incredible and fresh look, adding a touch of maturity to your style while keeping it interesting. Remember, you’ll need to maintain your bangs in perfect shape.