After getting a short haircut, you’ll want a fantastic, easygoing hairstyle. A short bob can be an excellent choice for you.

During the summer, it’s much cooler to have short hair than long, but unlike cute pixies, you don’t need to spend a lot of time styling to look good. Nowadays, bob hairstyles can be just as fashionable, romantic, and amazing as hairstyles for long hair. Also, be sure to explore short bob options with ombre or balayage coloring; they allow your short hair to look even more graceful.

Below, we’ll provide you with all the information about the short bob haircut. Let’s start with the history of the bob haircut. If you find it intriguing, you can then check out information on choosing the right short bob based on your face shape and hair texture. Next, we’ll showcase fashionable variations of short bob cuts, so you can choose the best option for yourself and refresh your look.

History of bob haircut

The bob haircut is typically a women’s hairstyle where the hair is longer than a pixie, reaching somewhere around the neck but above the shoulders. Longer bob hairstyles can extend below the shoulders.

In a classic bob, the hair is cut to have a uniform length, although nowadays, graduated bobs are just as prevalent. Graduated bobs have shorter hair at the back, gradually lengthening towards the front.

A short bob can be styled with or without bangs, and there’s also the option of having a few strands of hair framing your face. Modern hairstylists often use layering techniques to add texture and control the hair’s shape.

Historically, women in the West kept their hair uncut for a long time. They usually styled it in elaborate hairstyles to keep it away from their faces. There are several examples of fashionable women wearing shorter hair during the 1910s, including French actress Polaire and American ballroom dancer Irene Castle, but at the time, these hairstyles were perceived as either childish or masculine.

As women began to take on men’s roles during World War I, as men went to war, shorter hairstyles became a practical choice. Alongside trousers and looser dresses, women started wearing short hair for practicality.

It was in the post-war period of the 1920s that the bob haircut became a fashionable rather than a practical choice. Short and medium bob hairstyles became part of the revolutionary women’s fashion, along with dropped waists and visible makeup. Many famous actresses adopted this style, and other women began to follow this trend.

For most women in the 1920s, the short bob was the epitome of chic. Hair was often styled into waves or worn with headbands.

The ultra-short bobs of the 1920s transitioned into longer, softer, and more glamorous styles in the 1930s. Starting from this decade, it became acceptable for women to keep their hair in short hairstyles. Typically, hair was either curled or worn in longer styles.

The revival of the bob haircut took place in the 1960s, thanks to the legendary hairdresser Vidal Sassoon.


He styled the hair of many famous models and actresses into very short bobs with sharp lines. These cuts became particularly memorable, emphasizing the ears and having a W-shaped form at the back.

Hair became longer and more voluminous in the 1970s, and bobs lost their popularity.

Starting from the 1980s, bob haircuts would become an ideal choice for women, although they would never surpass the trend of long hair. Short bobs would be styled according to the prevailing fashion, so sometimes we’d see layered cuts or blunter versions with or without bangs.

In contemporary times, textured, graduated bobs are the most common haircuts, but we are confident that in a few years, we will witness completely new variations of the bob haircut.

Choosing the perfect short bob depends on your face shape

Choosing a bob haircut that complements your face shape is crucial.

Unlike long hair, short bobs have a huge impact and just one centimeter makes the difference between a great hairstyle and a bad one.


Short bob haircut for a round face

If you have a round forehead and jawline, with the length of your face roughly equal to its width, you have a round face. A short bob hairstyle can be tricky for your face shape, as an improper length can make your face appear even rounder. If you’re feeling adventurous, opt for a bob that ends just below the jawline. For those still wanting short hair, a graduated bob is a great choice, keeping your neck free. Styling the hair to one side can also add a cool touch.

Short bob haircut for an oval face

An oval face is a very common shape, characterized by a rounded forehead and jaw. Typically, the cheekbones are quite prominent, and the center of the face is the widest part.

Most bob hairstyles look fantastic on oval face shapes, and you can truly play around with length, texture, and styles. Starting with a short bob whose length ends just below your cheekbones can be a great option, and as you grow it out, pay attention to what length suits you best.

Short bob haircuts for heart-shaped faces

Heart-shaped faces have a wide forehead, high cheekbones, and a narrow chin. If you want to shift the focus from your forehead, opt for a bob with bangs. You have plenty of options here, from side-swept to straight, cross-cut, or classic bangs.

To make your chin appear slightly wider, let the hair length be somewhere between the beginning of your chin or just above it. Additionally, you can emphasize your narrow jawline with a very short hairstyle ending right above the cheekbones.

Short bob for a diamond face

If you have a narrow forehead, a pointed chin, and sharp, high cheekbones, you have a diamond-shaped face. This face shape is best complemented by soft layers and wavy styling. It’s usually advisable to keep the bob longer to soften the face.

Short bob for a square face

A square face is a sharper version of a round face. The length and width are approximately the same, but the forehead and jaw are slightly more pronounced.

A wavy bob can do wonders to soften a square face. Opt for a longer bob that falls just below the chin for an elongating effect. A medium bob is also great for optimizing the face shape and helping to lengthen it.

Choosing a short bob depends on your hair type

When it comes to choosing a bob haircut that works well with your face shape, your hairstylist must put in significant effort to create a hairstyle that suits you. Make sure to explain the behavior of your hair, especially if it’s their first time cutting it.

Otherwise, your short haircut may look stunning right after it’s done at the salon, but once you wash and let your hair dry, you might discover a completely different style.

Short bob for curly hair

Ensure that your stylist gives you the right layers to give your hair a good shape. Textured ends will make your hair look livelier and healthier.

When curly hair becomes wet, it tends to be much longer than when it’s dry, so choose a stylist who is an expert in cutting curly hair.

Short bob for wavy hair

Bob haircuts for wavy hair can have similar challenges as curly hair. However, wavy hair looks much better with blunt styles. For short bobs, it’s better to choose layers that will naturally work with the waves of your hair, creating a rounded shape for your hairstyle.

Short bob for straight hair

With straight hair, you can achieve a wide variety of hairstyles. They will look great on all face shapes. Any hair length will work well, and you can experiment with straight and sharp angles. However, if you don’t want a sharp style, opt for a simple bob with a straight fringe; it will help balance your style and make it less radical.

There are two ways to make a bob haircut look good when you have thick hair. You need to choose a longer bob to prevent the weight of the hair from causing it to expand and become wavy. Another option is to choose a more layered cut. Inform your hairstylist that you’d like to avoid the hair expanding into a triangular shape.

Short bob for thick hair

There are two ways to make a bob haircut look good when you have thick hair. You need to choose a longer bob to prevent the weight of the hair from causing it to expand and become wavy. Another option is to choose a more layered cut. Inform your hairstylist that you’d like to avoid the hair expanding into a triangular shape.

When you have thick hair, a short bob will look bad on you. The hair will be swollen, and not laid evenly.


Short bob hairstyles for thin hair

When your hair is thin, you want to choose a haircut that adds extra volume. Textured and graduated bob haircuts always look more voluminous than straight hair. When it comes to styling, you can use waves; they will also add extra volume to your hair.

Short hairstyles for fine hair
Source: @chloenbrown

A beautiful, wavy short bob

This style is perfect for accentuating beach waves after a day in the sun. You can wear it naturally, allowing its volume to do the work, or style it a bit for a soft and wavy look. Long enough for versatility when needed and short enough to be playful and fun, it’s an ideal style for an active girl who always wants to look good.

A cheeky short bob

This type of bob haircut is simply mesmerizing; no matter how you look at it. We believe it’s one of the most beautiful short bob cuts, from sharp gradual layers to the color itself. To pull off such a look, a bold personality is required. It’s fun, glamorous, and edgy; how can one not love it?

cheeky short bob
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Fabulous bob

We can easily imagine a modern fairy using this delightful bob that looks like you can take off at any moment. Perfect for women looking to add a bit more volume to their otherwise thin hair, this style looks good on many women, regardless of their hair texture.

Pink short bob

When you want to look good without the drama, this modern hairstyle speaks to taking control of your life and showcasing individuality. It’s perfect for a girl who wants her hair off her neck, framing her face. With fewer strands to manage, you can cut down prep time, giving you more time to conquer life.

Modern short bob

Perhaps in the past, you’ve shied away from drastic changes, but now it’s time to show your hair who’s boss with this beautiful haircut. It’s so dramatic and utterly modern that this vibrant and beautiful style is bound to leave you in awe. This dramatic style makes us swoon.

Modern short bob
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Straight bob

When you have thick hair, an experienced stylist should skillfully cut a short bob to avoid issues with its voluminous nature. This style is sleekly styled, but incorporating some layers will help it always look great.

Messy short bob

It’s a great idea for a short haircut. You can also give your hair a slightly dampened look.

Asymmetric bob

An asymmetrical cut works wonders for short hair. While it requires keeping things neat and well-dried, it allows you to enjoy the contrast in length from different sides. With this, you’ll feel feminine and confident.

Short bob back view

Short bob with ombre

In this style, the haircut is divided into two parts using ombre coloring.

Short bob with bangs

Layered short bob

A straight fringe adds playfulness to the style.

Textured short bob

This style has a lot of texture, giving it an incredible appearance.

Wavy short bob