Medium-length hairstyles are currently enjoying great popularity due to their versatility. Ranging from the middle of the neck to the shoulders, their length provides ample space to create a variety of looks. The vast array of styling options caters to both casual and formal occasions.

Medium-length hair offers versatility and numerous design options for all hair types, including thin and thick hair, making them suitable for women of all ages. Girls with different facial features can find numerous options tailored to their face shape. Charming curls, bobs, tousled styles, ponytails, ombre coloring, hairstyles with bangs – all of these work perfectly for medium-length hair.

Medium-length hairstyles are arguably the most versatile styles as they complement almost every woman, regardless of hair type or age. They are also ideal choices for women over 50. Not overly long, some medium-length cuts barely reach your shoulders. We love them and know that medium-length hairstyles are very flattering – when done right. And when you’re tired of long hair, you can opt for alternatives, such as shorter medium-length cuts that reach shoulder length.

Unlike long hairstyles, medium haircuts require little effort to maintain.


Furthermore, you can enhance your current medium-length haircut with our hair styling tips. Here, you can discover over 250 beautiful medium-length hairstyle options that will inspire you to create your unique style. We’ve also compiled advice on choosing the best medium-length haircuts and factors that matter in maintaining your haircut in excellent condition.

How to choose a haircut of medium length

Choosing a hairstyle that reflects your overall beauty is crucial. Here are some factors to help you make the right choice for a medium-length haircut.

Face Shape

Hair Accessories

Now that you know how a medium-length haircut can enhance your overall appearance, you can confidently choose a style. Here are a few more tips to guide and simplify your decision-making process.

For curly and thick hair, layers should be placed wider to make the haircut look neater.

In general, medium-length haircuts are an ideal option for women with thin hair. In this case, you can add textured layers that visually increase the thickness of your hair.

Heart-shaped faces are well-suited to medium-length haircuts that are parted in the center, while round, diamond, or square faces look perfect with hair slightly swept to one side. On the other hand, if you have an oval face shape, feel free to experiment with different styles; they will still suit you perfectly.

The shape of your face is important when choosing a medium-length hairstyle and styling it correctly


Change up your style by simply styling your hair on the opposite side of your head than you typically do.

Remember, selecting a medium-length haircut involves considering your face shape, hair accessories, and personal preferences. These tips will help you make a choice that complements your beauty and style.

Tips for styling and caring for medium-length hairstyles

Maintaining a medium-length hairstyle is not just about achieving the perfect cut and styling but also about preserving that beautiful look over time. Let’s explore how you can keep your medium-length haircut looking as stunning as it did when you walked out of the salon.

  • Use hair masks to protect your hair from heat damage.
  • For a more natural look, use a wide-tooth comb to gently detangle your hair.
  • Incorporate vibrant colors to appear stylish and vibrant.
  • Experiment with cute hair accessories to elevate your medium-length haircut to a whole new level. Headbands or tiny hairpins with precious stones can beautifully adorn your mid-length locks.
  • To maintain a fresh and healthy appearance for your hair over an extended period, consider getting periodic trims that won’t harm your hair and promote long-term growth.

These tips will not only help you sustain your medium-length hairstyle but also add a touch of flair and longevity to your overall look.

Medium bob haircuts

Medium-length bob haircuts are a classic and stylish choice for women. They can exhibit various looks depending on the cut and styling – whether wavy or straight, messy or sleek, asymmetrical bobs offer a contemporary appearance, diversity, and the convenience you desire from a hairstyle. Explore our collection and choose the best option for yourself.

This highly popular haircut adds volume and texture to your hair, especially if you have thick locks. It also beautifully transforms fine hair, giving it an extra boost of volume.

A bob haircut will be the perfect choice for you if you are looking for something practical and fashionable.


Bob haircuts, regardless of the type, are versatile and stunning in every aspect. The transformation possibilities with this medium-length haircut are extraordinary. There are bobs of different lengths, from medium to super short, and countless styling options, from vibrant colors to trendy asymmetrical cuts with side-swept bangs. It’s the perfect choice for adding volume and depth to your hair, as bobs can incorporate layers specifically designed for any texture.

There are also elegant and sophisticated variations of the bob haircut. Such styles are more suitable for business-oriented women who need to maintain a certain level of elegance. Overall, your appearance speaks for itself.

trendy bob haircut for medium hair
Source: @meucurto
straight haircut for medium hair
Source: @carlacantum

Asymmetric haircut for medium hair

Blunt symmetrical bobs are classic haircuts, but sometimes they may seem too formal for women who desire to stand out a bit in their everyday lives. An asymmetrical bob adds a bit of edginess to your standard style, and you can further customize it with curls and colors.

To make the emphasis on the hairstyle, the asymmetry should be well pronounced. If one side is the same as the other, it won’t achieve the desired effect. Below, we’ll showcase some of the best examples of modern asymmetrical hairstyles.

Stylish asymmetrical bob for medium hair
Source: @skareje
gorgeous asymmetrical bob
Source: @modernsalon
stylish blue asymmetrical haircut for medium hair
Source: @maggiekay95

Medium length layered haircuts

Classic layered haircuts, which have been relevant for many years, have become a key trend this year. Most stylists note that they have gained significant popularity. Over the past few years, this style has indeed evolved, becoming more dynamic and vibrant.

According to experts, layered haircuts are an excellent choice for medium-length hair. Stylists recommend opting for cuts with voluminous layers based on medium length.

Layered haircuts offer numerous solutions and styling options, which is why they are so popular today. They not only allow for versatility in styling but also give you a bright and dynamic look, creating the image of a city fashionista.

fashionable cascading haircut for medium hair
Source: @cabeloworld
cascading haircut for medium hair
Source: @cabeloworld
asymmetrical cascading haircut for medium hair
Source: @skareje
cascading bob for medium, wavy hair
Source: @osipyshka

Long bob for medium hair

The long bob, also known as a lob, is a recent fashion trend. Thanks to its incredible length, it looks great on any face shape and hair texture.

The extended bob complements all face shapes. Being longer, it’s one of the few bobs suitable for women with a round face, as it miraculously adds a slimming effect. Additionally, for those with a long face, this haircut does an excellent job adding some volume, helping to make the face appear broader.

trendy hairstyle for medium hair
Source: @wxlia
hairstyle for medium blonde hair
Source: @alicia9

Medium length haircuts with bangs

Ladies, rejoice! Medium-length haircuts are our salvation. They are easier to style than short or long cuts, offering ample freedom for variety and experimentation. Below are numerous vibrant examples.

The bob haircut with bangs never goes out of style. They are versatile and suitable for all face shapes, depending on the chosen length. You can have a shorter or longer bob with an asymmetrical side bang, use a side or center part. If your face is square, never opt for a bob that ends at the chin; let it be slightly longer.

Layered graduated cuts with bangs work exceptionally well for curly hair, as they create fantastic volume and showcase your curls at their best. If you have thin hair, a layered cut will also look great on you, thanks to the messy ends that create a creatively disheveled look on your head.

Choosing a medium haircut with bangs depending on the type of face

Round face shapes can benefit from any asymmetrical haircut as it creates lines that elongate the round face. Utilize asymmetrical or choppy bangs, side-swept locks covering the cheeks, and avoid blunt, thick bangs.

For square faces, it’s best to steer clear of haircuts that end at the chin line. Any asymmetry is welcomed. Wide faces look fantastic with added curls.

Triangular face shapes can appear more oval with hairstyles that create volume around the cheek and chin areas. Layered hairstyles with curly hair are an excellent choice.

Rectangular face shapes should avoid long haircuts with straight locks, as long strands along the rectangular face make it appear even longer. Avoid adding excessive volume on top. Curls and wavy hair also complement this face shape well.

Oval faces are considered ideal, allowing you to pull off any haircut you like and look stunning.

Adding bangs to your hairstyle is like putting a cherry on top of a cake. Whether you have curly or straight hair or something in between, we’ve compiled a collection of medium haircuts with bangs that you’re sure to love.

cute bob haircut with bangs and wavy hair
Source: @samkanehair

Messy haircuts

Creating messy hairstyles works best if you have wavy hair, but even if your hair is straight, there are many ways to achieve the desired texture. Below, we have gathered several excellent options for messy haircuts.

messy haircut for medium hair
Source: @marisacuts
messy bob with balayage dye
Source: @meucurto

Layered haircut

If you’re looking for a stylish way to refresh your hairstyle, you’ve come to the right place. We suggest revitalizing your hair with a few layers. Adding layers helps shape, add volume, and texture to your overall look. Incorporating layers around the face is an excellent way to soften its sharp angles. Take a look below at all these beautiful layered haircut options.

layered bob haircut for multicolored hair
Source: @elissawolfe
medium length layered hairstyle with messy hair
Source: @fujimotoan

Straight hairstyles for medium hair

Straight hair is a hallmark of feminine beauty, especially when well-maintained and stylishly cut. The variety of options for medium-length hair is truly impressive. Explore our selection below and find inspiration for your new hairstyle.

beautiful haircut with straight medium hair
Source: @konamiyoga
medium length straight blonde hair
Source: @vdahair

Blunt bob

square bob
Source: @ninezeroone
straight square bob
Source: @unionsalon
stylish wavy, square bob
Source: @sharayahlee

Waterfall hairstyle for medium hair

The ladder haircut continues to attract new enthusiasts year after year, thanks to its versatility and countless styling options. A significant advantage is that it looks great on any hair texture. Due to its adaptability, it suits all face shapes.

beautiful hairstyle ladder for medium hair
Source: @assylaan
beautiful ladder haircut
Source: @assylaan
stylish haircut for medium hair ladder
Source: @syr_qyzy

Medium wavy hairstyles

This is the perfect way to change up your style. Many wavy hairstyles can be adapted for medium-length hair. Elegant waves are a cool addition that instantly transforms your appearance. Take a look below at our gallery of wavy hairstyles.

trendy bob for medium hair
Source: @annnikkiii
trendy medium haircut
Source: @marisacuts
beautiful haircut for medium hair
Source: @wellahair

Medium haircut with a bun

Medium-length hair can reach new heights with these beautiful, elegant, and downright enchanting hairstyles. If you need inspiration for a prom or wedding hairstyle, this collection is perfect for you. All you’ll need to create them is a few hairpins.

beautiful medium haircut with a bun
Source: @sarahwhair

Color variants of hairstyles for medium hair

fashionable medium length haircut with blue hair
Source: @jsssrosa
bright blue medium length hair
Source: @semann.n
stylish multi-colored haircut for medium hair
Source: @cgannhair